How To Get A Close Shave The Natural Way

I'm not advocating for or against hair removal. If you're someone who partakes in this particular grooming activity, consider whether you can make it more sustainable. Here are some options available that'll allow you to move away from the plastic products saturating this market.


Safety razors - Safety razors may seem antiquated, but they are a tried and true method for shaving the body and face. Since I love my one stop shop havens, here is the product I recommend: Leaf razors are entirely plastic free. Their all metal razors are sold individually or, first time buyers may appreciate their starter kit that includes a razor, a matching stand, a pack of blade refills, and a recycling tin so you can mail used blades back to them for recycling. Two razor options are available to choose from - The Leaf looks and functions a lot like a disposable razor, and even accepts up to 3 blades. The Twig is a single blade, non pivoting, more traditional safety razor. The upfront cost of this brand is high, but remember that it's meant to last a lifetime. How much do you spend on plastic ones annually?

Bonus recommendation: Snag a razor cleaning brush to care for your safety razor. Here's a completely compostable one available by Package Free Shop.

Single use, non-plastic razors - Opt for bamboo or wood handles which are a nice trade if you really can't or won't give up the traditional disposable blade head. See Bulldog.

Worst case, if you're not ready to move away from disposable razors yet, opt for a 100% post consumer recycled plastic brand like Preserve Brand.

Creams - A shave soap bar is your ticket free from the foaming metal can. There are tons of options available. For a more natural product go with Eco Roots. If you like Victoria's Secret "Love Spell" scent, you may really enjoy Witchy Woman by Stirling Soap Co. Although they aren't affiliated with the VS brand, alot of the online reviews made this comparison.


Safety razors - (see body paragraph above) are the best bet here. The Winston by Harry's is a nice, zinc handle which can actually be engraved with 3 initials (that'd make for a nice eco-friendly and thoughtful, personalized gift!).

Single use, non-plastic - Bulldog brand is decently priced, and potentially more readily available since Walgreens and similar drugstores stock their products, including their bamboo handles and steel refill cartridges.

Creams - Try shaving soap bars versus the foam. There are tons of options online, including the Era Organics . These plant based shaving soap bars are free from sulfates, parabens, dyes, perfumes, harsh chemicals, are vegan/cruelty free, and are made in America. L'Occitane has a pretty luxurious sounding bar of shave soap, intended for use with a shave brush.

Shave Bowl - I found a site with quite a variety of porcelain/ceramic bowls and mugs. Lots to choose from, and they appear to be made such that you'll only ever need one, so choose carefully! - West Coast Shaving

Shave Brush - Chagrin Valley Soap & Salve . They've got a kick-ass brush, but unfortunately I can't recommend their shave bowl for a matching pair, because it's made from Indian Rosewood which is not a sustainable wood.

Aftershave - Try a balm in a metal tin similar to this one from Living Earth Naturals

Of course in addition to these options, anything you can get your hands on locally would be beneficial to omit the shipping process. Browse Instagram hashtags for inspiration and/or leads to talented home made soap makers from all over. Do you have any favorites or tried and true brands? Suggestions are always welcome in the comments!

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